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Security Risk Management (SRM) Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) | Nov 2015


InterWorks conducted a three-day workshop in Bangkok, Thailand from 4-6 November 2015 for 28 participants responsible for management of humanitarian and development program activities and/or staff security in their operations in the Asia-Pacific region. Participants represented a mix of organizations including JICA, UNHCR, NGOs, and government officials) from 17 different countries within the Asia-Pacific region (as well as JICA staff based outside the region in Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Uganda).

The course focused on the overall security risk management (SRM) approach as well as specific tools and techniques, from initial threat assessment to mitigation of risk, security planning, and critical incident management. The course trainers provided short presentations of key components of the overall SRM approach and provided scenario-based, hands-on exercises in which each of the tools introduced could be explored, utilized and practiced. The core exercises were based on three different case countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Philippines. Participants were encouraged to reflect on key SRM activities they intend to implement following the workshop. JICA participants were required to develop and submit an action plan following the workshop.

Thank you very much for organizing the course! I learned a lot not only from the contents but the way you facilitated and organized this.

– Workshop participant