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Safety in the Field (SIF): Operating in Complex Security Environments Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) | Sep 2012

InterWorks conducted the eCentre’s standard Safety In the Field (SIF) workshop co-sponsored by the UNHCR eCentre and JICA in Hua Hin, Thailand from 9-14 September 2012. The workshop was conducted with support from the Royal Thai Army per their longstanding arrangement with the UNHCR eCentre. Participants were from diverse backgrounds, offices, and countries, representing UNHCR, OCHA, JICA, NGO and Government counterparts.

This workshop addressed basic elements of personal security for staff in the field, and highlighted security risk management tools and strategies for maintaining operations in complex security environments. The training included interactive classroom sessions, skills exercises, and the practical application of concepts in the field through realistic simulations.

I’ve never seen a training so well organized, practical and efficient; surely all the participants will leave with something learnt, their knowledge/awareness improved. The course completely changed my perception towards security. It has successfully and with certainty raised my awareness; I’m determined to share my experience here with the office and I’ll definitely ask my boss to send me to a first aid training course.

– Workshop participant