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Environmental Management in Refugee Situations Workshop

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) | Nov 2007

InterWorks facilitated two workshops on Environmental Management in Refugee Situations in Kathmandu, Nepal from 4–8 November 2007.

The first workshop was a one-day event for senior managers who at the conclusion of the workshop should be able to describe the environmental issues encountered by refugees, IDPs and returnees in the Sudan; describe some environmental interventions; identify the challenges to successful interventions; and discuss ways to mainstream environmental programming.

The second workshop was a four-day event for environmental practitioners. The objectives for their workshop included the same objectives for the previous workshop plus being able to identify environmental management strategies, processes and tools for each sector discussed as well as prepare a community environmental action plan.

Participants represented UNHCR, UNICEF, government ministries, and national and international NGOs.

In the beginning I thought the workshop would be too technical – but as we progressed I found the workshop was very interesting and suitable for all types of people.

– Workshop participant