Strategic Planning

Example of Consulting Projects

Interworks provides professional meeting facilitation services for strategic planning sessions, multi-stakeholder collaboration workshops, board retreats, annual work planning meetings and program innovation retreats. Since each client situation is unique, our professional facilitators will work with you to define and prioritize your needs and customize an approach, process and tools which will yield the results you expect.


Teambuilding is essential for gaining commitment to team and organizational goals, for successful implementation of activities requiring coordination, and for improving the overall performance of interdependent staff or groups. InterWorks can design and facilitate teambuilding retreats or integrate teambuilding into other training and planning events.


Leadership in emergencies is key because the effectiveness of an emergency response is directly linked to the quality of the emergency teams on the ground. While emergency team performance is subject to a wide range of variables, experience has shown that the success of an emergency response team is inherently tied to the competence and effectiveness of its leader.

Participants in our training identify their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and work on strengthening their team leadership competencies (e.g., situational leadership, teambuilding, direction setting, decision-making, and communicating purpose, having influence, practicing emotional intelligence, communications, etc.).

Interpersonal Skills: In addition to valued technical expertise, those working in development and disaster settings must possess adequate interpersonal and communication skills to be effective. InterWorks provides training to enhance these skills in such areas as: negotiation skills, meeting management, presentation and facilitation skills, emotional intelligence, active listening, coaching, decision-making, leadership, and media and external relations.